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Oologah Lake Leader

Helm case is serious
Editor John Wylie and Reporter Bill Snyder wrote a series of articles chronicling the serious issues concerning County Commissioner Mike Helm. The Leader reported that, among other things, Helm hired three-time convicted felon Scott Casler as a receiving officer, lavishly misspent federal grant money and stalled efforts to upgrade the 911 emergency response system. A Feb. 15 article detailed Helm's hiring of Casler along with Casler's extensive court and state prison records.

Daily Winner
The Norman Transcript

Jailhouse rock (and a hard place)
Norman Transcript Reporters Peggy Laizure and M. Scott Carter wrote a series of articles from March to May chronicling Cleveland county commissioners’ search for a new jail site. The story began when Laizure and Carter learned that the prospective new jail site was far from the downtown site most presumed would be used. Despite residents protesting the planned purchase, commissioners bought the land anyway. State lawmakers then got involved by filing a bill to deny a jail site near any school. The bill died in the legislature and the issue of where to build a new jail is still up in the air.