• December Editorial Winner

    Commission may want to rethink this one

    Mike McCormick, Shawnee News-Star

     THE ISSUE The proposed yard parking ordinance
    OUR OPINION It's impractical, if not impossible, to enforce

    Shawnee city commissioners have struck a nerve with local citizens over their proposed yard parking ordinance. Most of those we've heard from aren't happy with the proposal, and they are making their opposition known.

  • December Column Winner

    Unanswered cries for help

    Ted Streuli, The Journal Record

    In the silence of the cellblock, you hear the screaming of tortured souls.
    A pair of ghostly eyes peered through a narrow window in the cell's steel door, vanished, then reappeared. Whatever he was thinking while looking at our group of 49 Leadership Oklahoma participants remains as mysterious as the look in his eyes: partly bafflement, partly anger, primarily vacant.

  • November Editorial Winner

    Dealy must go

    John M. Wylie II, Oologah Lake Leader

    We've written for two weeks about the problems Rogers County Election Board Secretary Rebecca Dealy created for the voters of the Northwest Rogers County Fire Protection District. Voters who should have gotten in-person absentee ballots did not receive them. Voters who lived in other fire districts did receive Northwest ballots.

  • November Column Winner


    John Hruby, The Marlow Review

    Our parents teach us many lessons. Some we are more willing to absorb — others have to be learned the hard way.

  • October 2010 Column Winner

    A 'Good Samaritan' at Mel's Bar

    Leslie Collins, The Cherokee Messenger & Republican

    It was a simple request. His wife wanted a hot shower.
    He called churches in Cherokee, not asking for money, but simply a place to shower.

  • October 2010 Editorial Winner

    Advice to the GOP: Keep clean rhetoric on your side of the campaign

    J. Leland Gourley, Oklahoma City Friday

    The Republican Party is well ahead in the national political races in this year's campaigns. The election is the GOPs to lose. If winning is the party's desire, they should be certain they don't do something silly or stupid and turn victory into defeat. The GOP can, and should, state their case strongly and effectively, without the use of vulgarity and hatred.

  • September 2010 Column Winner

    Combat troop pullout doesn’t ease parent’s pain

    Andy Reiger, The Norman Transcript

    PURCELL — The flashing lights on the police car were out of place on John Scripsick’s farm north of Purcell. He was getting the fields ready for the winter wheat crop. Immediately, he knew why the lawmen were there. Hours earlier, he had popped straight up in bed at 1:30 a.m. with the kind of helpless feeling only a parent can know. They were there about Cpl. Brian Joseph Scripsick, USMC, forever 22.

  • September 2010 Editorial Winner

    Not Again

    Wayne Trotter, Countywide & Sun

      Thirty days hath September, April, June and November,
    But when the city needs some more Let August count for thirty-four.
    (With Apologies)

    We have said this before but we'll say it again: Jim Thompson has been right on the big issues he has tackled since becoming city manager of Tecumseh three and a half years ago. He was especially on target when he set out to yank the Tecumseh Utility Authority out of the red. Nobody in their right mind could argue that the city could continue selling electricity, water and all its other services at a loss. Everyone knows the consequences.

  • August 2010 Column Winner

    Heat can affect fisherman more than fish

    Vic Allshouse, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

    Man! Is it hot? Or what? Our temps are hovering around the 100-degree mark and that's almost too hot to go fishing. Well, almost. I know several anglers that have resorted to bass fishing after dark and that's not such a bad idea. But they are finding out that the temps don't really bother the fish as much as the fisherman.

  • August 2010 Editorial Winner

    A time for our kids to learn life lessons

    Jeff Kaley, Waurika News-Democrat

    It’s that time once again. In the past few days, that uniquely American endeavor known as interscholastic sports began in earnest for a new school year.
    Throughout Jefferson County and all around the Sooner state, thousands of young folk who participate in fall sports are strapping on shoulder pads or slipping a hand into a ball glove; cross country athletes are running over hill and dale.

  • July 2010 Column Winner

    Nothing was wrong with Wonder Woman

    Karen Brady, Chickasha Express-Star

    I recently read that DC Comics has decided, with doubtful wisdom, to “update” Wonder Woman’s iconic costume.

  • July 2010 Editorial Winner

    Perception is reality: Where do we want to stand?

    Kim Benedict, The Ardmoreite

    Recently, the Ardmoreite did a two-part series on individuals who have immigrated to America and the costs and processes that are involved. An additional story that we might consider is the integration of immigrants into our culture and communities.

  • June 2010 Column Winner

    B-17 flight brings back memories of service

    Brian Blansett, Shawnee News-Star

    When the e-mail came across offering media flights aboard a restored B-17 bomber on Memorial Day, it seemed like a good way to honor the thousands of American airmen who died in World War II.

  • June 2010 Editorial Winner

    Open Discussion

    Wayne Trotter, The Countywide & Sun

    All right, let's get this straight. Shawnee's firefighters, or at least the union which represents Shawnee's firefighters, went public last week in a belated effort to convince "the small people" (thank you, BP) that the city's new budget cut their department to the point that it could endanger union members and the public in general. The protest started on Facebook and culminated with a half-page ad in Sunday's edition of The Shawnee News-Star.

  • May 2010 Column Winner

    Marty, Monsters & My Miracle Mets

    Kelly Wray, Chickasha Express-Star

    The mention of Marty Seymour no longer makes me curl into a ball, assume a fetal position, and cry for my mother.

    I’ve slain that emotional dragon, thank you very much. The psychotherapy is working.

  • May 2010 Editorial Winner

    Crucial decisions ahead

    Mike McCormick, Shawnee News-Star

    Shawnee city staff and commissioners are facing some crucial decisions. Over the next few weeks, they must decide about furloughing some city employees, possibly closing city hall at least one day a week, and other measures to ensure the city remains solvent.

  • April 2010 Column Winner

    Going home for the holiday

    Faith Wylie, Oologah Lake Leader

    We gathered at home for Easter, like we have done so many times since 1959 when my family moved into our brand-new house in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

    We awakened Easter morning to candy eggs near our pillows, just like when we were children. We searched for candy eggs throughout the house, looking high and low. Potato salad and ham were consumed in appropriate quantities.

  • April 2010 Editorial Winner

    Elected officials should suffer, too

    Kim Poindexter, Tahlequah Daily Press

    For anyone who's up to snuff on' current events, it's a real challenge to deny the hypocrisy running rampant at the Oklahoma statehouse.

    This week, officials announced that Cherokee County, among others, will be losing a valuable asset with the closure of its Child Guidance Center. Furloughs are being taken left and right, and many of the same Oklahomans who last month were rallying for tax cuts are now realizing some cherished service or another their families depended on is being eliminated or slashed. About the only thing to be said in this regard: Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  • March Column Winner

    The measure of a man

    Kimberly Noe, The Newcastle Pacer

    He was the last great cowboy in that classic line.
    Like Gene Autry and Will Rogers without the celebrity.
    He was born and raised in Oklahoma. He had six sisters, two brothers and parents who knew only hard work.
    They farmed and ranched through dust bowl and depression and never took what they had for granted.

  • March Editorial Winner

    Comparative religious study for our teens

    Jeff Kaley, Waurika News-Democrat

    To my knowledge, Tom Adelson and I have never cross paths. But on the issue of teaching religion in public schools, Adelson and I seem to walk the same road. When the Oklahoma Senate passed a measure allowing the Bible to be taught in public schools, Adelson, a Democrat from Tulsa, was one of four senators voting nay. The bill would allow school districts to offer an elective course to students in grade nine through 12 that would present the Bible as a historic and literary document. The curriculum — and instructors — would be mandated to maintain religious neutrality.

  • Feburary 2010 Column Winner

    If every belle gets her day, where is mine?

    Shana Adkisson, Norman Transcript
    Feb. 20, 2010

    Ever get the feeling someone, or some-thing, is out to get you?
    I have that feeling. And as a result I've officially taken Mother Nature off my Christmas card list. And if I ever see her face at the grocery store I will not be polite. Yes, if I ever meet Mother Nature shopping for frozen corn I'll give her the worst stink eye she's ever seen. Guaranteed.
    It started at Christmas. I wrote about that a few months ago. Where I was trapped alone at home on Christmas Eve with a frozen pizza while my husband was stranded in a blizzard. I got over that pretty quickly because I have a birthday at the end of January. I figured since I endured such heartache at Christmas that surely my birthday would go off without a hitch.

  • February 2010 Editorial Winner

    It's decision time

    Mike McCormick, Shawnee News-Star
    Feb 28, 2010

    THE ISSUE: A Bryan Street interchange at I-40
    OUR OPINION: City commissioners should approve the resolution Monday Night

    It’s now or never for an interchange on I-40 at Bryan Street. That is the decision awaiting Shawnee city commissioners Monday night when they consider a resolution reaffirming support for the feasibility study authorized nearly three years ago.

  • January 2010 Column Winner

    You can never have too much love...

    Jeff Mullin, Enid News & Eagle
    January 29, 2010

    He was dying, that much was obvious.
    His breathing was labored, his face drawn, his skin bearing the yellow stain of jaundice.
    His liver had been gradually shutting down for months, the result of hepatitis C, hence the jaundice.
    He had just been approved for the liver transplant list at an Oklahoma City hospital.

  • January 2010 Editorial Winner

    To impound or not to impound

    David Gerard, Muskogee Phoenix
    January 20, 2010

    Driving an uninsured vehicle is illegal. Without insurance, a driver creates a greater financial risk to himself and other drivers.
    But the state should see how the new Compulsory Insurance Verification System works before it begins impounding vehicles for failure to carry liability insurance.

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