New Recommended Affidavit Templates

An affidavit of publication (also known as a proof of publication) is a legal document with certain required elements. To have incorrect or missing info from your affidavit could invalidate it and impact the proceedings of the published notice.

Choose one of the recommended affidavit templates below. OPA recommends using one of these templates to confirm your newspaper legally complies with affidavit requirements.


Download and save the affidavit you want to use then update the text and column width for your newspaper.

1) Change the COLUMN WIDTH of the legal notice text boxes to match your newspaper's column width. Measure your paper's column width for legals, then change the size of the text boxes to match. Here are two methods to change the width: (a) Right-click on the box line and select "format textbox" from the drop-down menu that appears, click on the Size tab, then replace 1.5" with the new width size; or (b) click and drag one of the box icons to the appropriate width. Hopefully your newspaper's column width is at least 1.2 inches wide as that is OPA's recommended (minimum) column width.

2) UPDATE all RED TEXT to complete your newspaper's own template. After the update is completed, highlight the red text and turn it BLACK.  The PDF files show how the affidavit should look with the current formatting. An image of a finished affidavit with notice text on the right is below.

We're happy to help if you have any questions or need assistance with any or all of these steps. Contact OPA Member Services Director Lisa Sutliff at or 405-499-0026 (1-888-815-2672 toll-free in Okla.). 


     Notice text placed on LEFT side of page:
Word docPDF
     Notice text placed on RIGHT side of page:
Word doc
     Notice text placed at BOTTOM of page:
Word doc