April 2007

Weekly Winner
The Hennessey Clipper
Fifth grader has rare leukemia
The Hennessey Clipper ran a series of four stories in April to inform Hennessey residents of Gavin Zelnicek’s battle with cancer. Zelnicek was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Also known as AML, the disease is common in adults but rare in children. The Clipper said Zelnicek is fighting the disease in a stem transplant unit at OU Medical Center’s New Children’s Hospital. The paper also gave information on where donations can be sent to assist Gavin and the Zelnicek family through funds set up by the Hennessey Ministerial Alliance.

Daily Winner
Muskogee Phoenix
Counselors in short supply at schools
An April 8, 2007 article by Muskogee Phoenix Staff Writer Cathy Spaulding revealed the decrease of elementary school counselors in Oklahoma’s public school system. Spaulding talked with the president of the Oklahoma Counseling Association, who said that Oklahoma City schools used to have one counselor for every 400 students. Now, the same school system uses one counselor for every 600 students. By comparison, several counselors in the Muskogee area serve a ratio of one counselor for over 800 students. Before Muskogee Schools can add more counselors, they must first repay the state $3.5 million of overpayments, which resulted from inflated enrollment figures.