August 2015 Editorial Winner

And the president will be...

Brian Blansett, Tri-County Herald

You’d think a nation of 350 million people could come up with better candidates for president.
Among the hopefuls for 2016 are a Clinton, a Bush and a millionaire running as an iconic outsider. Sounds very much like 1992, when Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot were the candidates. This time around, it’s Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, who at least has the most interesting political hair since Abraham Lincoln.
At the moment, Hillary is the presumptive Democrat nominee and Trump is the leading Republican contender.
If those two run against each other, the debates would be entertainment of the highest form and must watch tv.
The only snag is that one of them would have to win and become president.
Oh, Lord, please preserve and protect the Republic and watch over us.
Frankly, surveying the field of candidates, we’d just as soon put the Ship of State into the calloused hands of a garage mechanic from Dubuque. Or maybe a retiree trying to get by on Social Security, or perhaps an entrepreneur trying to start a small business. You know, someone in touch with real life.
There seems to be no end to the downward spiral in national politics. A couple of generations ago, there were Roosevelt and Truman. One generation ago, there was Reagan. And now?
Now, when we need a person of pragmatism and long-term vision, most of the candidates with a realistic chance to win can’t seem to unstick themselves from party dogma and petty bickering.
Let us pray that a true leader emerges sometimes over the next 15 months.

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