August Column Winner

Great Balls of Fire, we sure had fun at reunion!

BARB WALTER, The Hennessey Clipper

Peggy Sue, Long Tall Sally and Bony Moronie were at my 50-year high school reunion last weekend, but not in person. So were Lucille, Be-Bop-Alula and Maybellene.
There in the flesh to Twist and Shout were 50 of the more than 200 members of my Classen High School Class of 1962.
We Let the Good Times Roll Friday and Saturday nights, and I gotta tell you there was a Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, but maybe that was just me waddling into the banquet room.
A couple of classmates had canes, our vice principal needed a walker, our 91year-old choral director said, "I'm Walkin"," and Coach Tedford said, "Roll Over
Classmates talked about being A Teenager in Love, and there were even a couple of Hound Dog, Bird Dog and Heartbreak (Hotel) stories.
Childhood friend Dr. Jerry Wootan even talked about seeing Elvis when he was in the seventh grade. He went to Kansas City with his older brother, who'd told his mother, "Don't Be Cruel," when she said he had to take Jerry. That was to make sure big brother would Walk the Line and not get into any Poison Ivy.
I was All Shook Up because I never got to see Elvis in person.
Jerry said, "That's All Right, You're So Fine," but I know he was thinking Hard Headed Woman.
Then I remembered that Big Girls Don't Cry and recalled interviewing heartthrob Tommy Sands as a teen correspondent for the afternoon Okla. City Times in the Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime.
That wasn't anything to Shout about, but I admit to a Fever when I interviewed Patti Page. She was beautiful and wonderful, though Fabian was Kind of a Drag, but doing The Twist with Chubby Checker was Money Honey.
Classmate Big Bad John Brown told about Buddy Holly and The Crickets coming to his aunt's house for lunch in Okla. City. He and his cousin had Hearts Made of Stone and went outside. There's a video of Buddy performing with John and his cousin in the background tossing a football.
Oh, Boy! I'd figured they had Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu, but John said, "No, I had Georgia on My Mind."
Ain't That a Shame.
Then there were two other classmates who Yackety-Yak(ed) with each other for years in the football stands, but didn't realize until last Saturday night who the other was. Don't You Just Know that was a Magic Moment.
Oh What a Nite it was even though us old folks couldn't Rock Around the Clock the way we used to in our Shake Rattle and Roll days.
However, four of us gals — and Jerry, our Earth Angel — did stay up until almost one.
We didn't even have Runaround Sue, Lawdy Miss Clawdy or Good Golly Miss Molly to keep us company. It was just Sandie Riddle (Fujita), Patti Windes, Donna Gail Hall and me, Bah-bah-bah-bah-Barbara Ann.
Someone finally said, "It's Late," and soon it was time to Hit the Road Jack and See You Later, Alligator.
We were careful not to Wake Up Little Susie as we said Goodnight (Irene) at the elevators.
The next morning, I wondered, "What'd I Say?" but knew they'd Stand By Me. I'd stood by them for four hours the night before, and my feet were still swollen, but not from wearing Blue Suede Shoes. Besides, Our Time Will Come, but not until our next reunion in 2022.
Now That'll Be the Day!