Bill of Rights Plaza Project

Can you support the Bill of Rights Plaza project?


On the east side of the State Capitol there’s a plaza that is notable for its location but not for its beauty. A project to erect a monument to the Bill of Rights – and renaming the plaza as the Bill of Rights Plaza – has been approved by the State Capitol Commission and State leaders.

This is an all-volunteer effort, spearheaded by many of the people who coordinated the Oklahoma Honor Flights effort to take World War II veterans to see the WWII monument in Washington, D.C. This group now is working to raise money to build the Bill of Rights Plaza, and enshrine the first ten amendments in prominent public view on the Capitol Grounds.

To that end, we have prepared for your use a full-page ad that you can use at your discretion if you choose to support the project. Reduce the ad size if you wish to do so. (The ad is available to download below in various column width sizes.) 

This ad contains a call for fundraising so the project can commence. However, we felt it was important to support the project and demonstrate the power of local newspapers to elected leaders and citizens who need to constantly be reminded of the five freedoms found in the First Amendment.

The First Amendment is one of the bedrock principles of our nation and one of the principles we defend vigorously. That’s why we want to lend a hand in having it displayed prominently at a site where all of the State Representatives, Governor, and many other state leaders enter the building.

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