Bronze Legacies

The Oklahoma Newspaper Foundation invites you or a family member to be recognized as part of the legacy of Oklahoma newspaper men and women. Your investment in the foundation provides a lasting memory of your and your newspaper’s role in Oklahoma’s history, while also improving our state’s newspapers.

Two identical bronze-relief plaques will be produced for each contributor. One will be presented to you for display in your home or office; the other will be prominently displayed in the OPA office alongside the original memorial plaques that were presented in 1961 to building fund contributors.

Each is a 14”x18” walnut plaque that includes an 8”x8” sculptured bronze bas-relief circular portrait, the person’s name and up to five lines of personalization, which can include positions held at the newspaper(s) and important positions within the community. (Personalization to be approved by ONF Trustees.)


Contact Information

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