Election Day Reminder

As you prepare to cover early voting or Election Day on Nov. 6, here are some important items to keep in mind.

1. The Oklahoma State Election Board recommends contacting your local county election board secretary ahead of the election with notification of your plans to visit the polling place on election day, and to confirm you and the polling staff agree on the rules and expectations. 

2. News media may enter a polling place for up to five minutes to take photos. No interviews are allowed inside the polling place. (OK Statute 26-7-112)

3. Reporters/photographers shall not interfere with voters or election officials, and shall not observe or photograph any voter who is marking a ballot or submitting a completed ballot. So do not photograph a voter if you can see the ballot being marked or see a completed ballot. You may photograph a voter in a voting booth but the ballot should not be visible.

4. Reporters may conduct interviews outside the voting area if they are at least 150 feet from the ballot box. That’s half a football field! (OK Statute 26-7-108)

5. Reporters should approach only voters who have completed their voting. Voter participation should be voluntary.