February 2009 Column Winner

Give us candy and no one gets hurt
By Shana Adkisson - The Norman Transcript

It’s Valentine’s Day and men, if you haven’t already, it’s time to pony up some dough and get us ladies a present.

Some naysayers will tell you that Valentine’s Day was only created by the flower, candy and card industry. True, it is a women’s holiday. And true again flowers, candy and cards are what women like. But I would argue that women deserve flowers, candy and cards because of our day-to-day routines. Men, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be an obligation, it should be your way of repaying us for all the unsexy tasks we must endure in order to make your lives better.

Take for example dirty underwear. Women pick up, clean and fold more dirty underwear in our lifetimes than men ever will. Add a soggy towel or two to the mix and the debate grows even bigger that women deserve flowers, candy, cards and diamond earrings. If the previously mentioned towels and underpants have to be picked up by a women off the bathroom floor then the woman deserves flowers, candy, cards, diamond earrings and a matching necklace.

Also, women are forced to smell things that probably would make the guy wearing the hazardous materials suit ill for days. Another reason we deserve to be pampered on Feb. 14.

I’m not suggesting men blow the bank here. Just a little something to keep us ladies going. A little something that tells us you care that we’ve worked all day, too and still have the energy to come home and make you dinner. One of the most thoughtful things my husband ever did was compile a list of songs on my iPod that reminded him of me. It was free. But it took hours of his time, time away from watching television, to cruise all our CDs looking for songs.

So for those men who still haven’t purchased Valentine’s Day gifts just remember, we iron your shirts, we clean your house and we cook for you. Give us candy for pete’s sake and no one will get hurt.