February 2015 Column Winner

The view from here

Brian Blansett, Countywide & Sun

Dear Diary,
It’s Tuesday morning and Winter and I are having an ugly breakup.
Warm and affectionate one day, cold as crushed ice the next … I just don’t know how much longer I can take her teasing and mood swings.
Take last week. Out of nowhere, Winter shows up at my house with – you’re not going to believe this – 79 degrees. Seventy-nine degrees. Where did she get that? Know what I mean?
I’m thinking: This is really thoughtful. Maybe those talks we had are paying off, so let’s take a deep breath and see where things go. We’re in a good spot right now; maybe we can make this thing work out.
We had a wonderful couple of days, me working in the yard and the garden, Winter beaming her sun down on me. I took off my hat and let her tousle my hair. I blush to think about it now, but, when we were alone, she actually gave me a little sunburn. On the forehead. The flirt!
Before I knew it, we were side-by-side on the back porch, looking through seed catalogs and picking out okra. The future was a wonderful place.
I washed and ironed my favorite Hawaiian shirt and couldn’t keep my mind off watermelon and fresh squash.
And then came Sunday.
I’m not sure what happened. Maybe something I said. Maybe something I did. Bad body language, perhaps. I don’t know what it was, but she had changed, turned cool toward me.
The gentle, warm caresses were gone, replaced by an uncomfortably cold shoulder. It was awkward — like seeing James Harden in a Rockets uniform. The wrongness was more than I could bear.
Then came Monday morning and I went outside only to find that she had frosted my windshield and scattered sleet and ice all over my yard.
Oh, diary. I felt so betrayed, I wadded up my Hawaiian shirt and threw it into the dirty clothes as hard as I could. We’ll see how she likes that.
Winter is nothing like her sisters – Autumn, Spring, Summer. I see that now. They’re beautiful, kind, gentle. Makes me wonder if maybe Mother Nature was sleeping around when Winter was conceived. That’s probably why Father Time is so ticked.
Anyway. I hadn’t seen Spring in a while, but I caught a glimpse of her the other day. She might be my favorite. I’d like to see her again soon.
Really soon.

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