Investigative Resources

Finding information online and on paper



  • Criminal background checks and case statuses:


  • Financial:

  • Property records in your county

  • Corporate holdings

  • Secretary of State, search for corporation entities on this site. Search by entity name, service agent or name of person.

  • Uniform Commercial Code filings by creditors of a debtors collateral (at county clerk offices)

  • Bankruptcies through PACER: Public Access to Court Electronic Records

Paper documents to request or find online:


  •   Lawsuits

  • Divorces, marriages

    Public employees

  • Job title, salary, dates of employment

  •  Employment application

  • All disciplinary actions resulting in loss of pay, suspension or demotion

  • Emails

Researching People

How do I find …

How do I find …

How do I find …

How do I find …

How do I find …

  Disciplinary actions against medical professionals:

How do I find …

  • Information on Oklahoma companies

    Oklahoma Tax Commission: Call media office at 405-521-3637

    Can give you officers, date of incorporation, whether they are in good standing and whether any tax liens exist for Incs (not LLCs), also addresses of individuals who filed state taxes

How do I find …