January 2017 Column Winner

Kaylea Hutson-Miller, The Grove Sun

This is a column I never wanted to write.
As I stood at the Zena air strip, looking at the stars, I listened as Pastor Marty Dyer cried out to God. His words, echoed what my mouth could not give voice to at the time.
We both wanted the same thing.
A miracle.
A friend laughing at first responders, as they came to rescue him, possibly hanging from a tree.
A pilot cursing (or in Bob’s case, laughing) at his plane but walking away.
Unfortunately life doesn’t always give us what we want.
So I write the opposite.
A column laced with sadness and regret.
You see, I’ve known Bob Hudson for quite a while.
I met him on one of my voyages over the Right Choices Corn Maze.
My memory is fuzzy, but I believe he took me up in 2014 (it might have been 2015) to shoot pics.
If I remember the flight correctly, he took me in enough circles around the maze that flight, to well... let’s just say I got home first and leave it at that.
Several times in my last four years, we’ve crossed paths.
I’ve had a post-it note on my desk reading “Pam & Bob Hudson, Medical Missions,” for so long that the glue has long since dried.
Writing the story about Bob and Pam’s ministry has been on my “to-do” list forever. I’ve watched their exploits unfold on their ministry’s Facebook page.
The stories inspiring and filled with hope.
I wanted to help tell the story to a broader audience.
But the timing never seemed right. The moment never seemed to come.
Last night I realized I missed my chance.
The story I’ll eventually write will contain stories and memories that friends and family share.
But it will be missing the primary voice bringing to life the experiences.
When I speak to the Upper Elementary career fair students, I tell them every person has a story to tell. You just have to ask the right questions.
What I learned last night is to add a caveat. The stories are there to be told.
You have to make time, sit down and write them.
I know Bob’s story isn’t finished. The legacy he leaves will last far beyond the words of this column.
His character, integrity and Christian spirit will carry forward as his friends and family gather in the next few days to share their stories.
Time and stories. A precious gift.
Learn from this. Take the effort. Capture the memories onto film, in print or in a recording.
Be in the moment. Seize it. Savor it.
Don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow may not come.

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