July 2010 Column Winner

Nothing was wrong with Wonder Woman

Karen Brady, Chickasha Express-Star

I recently read that DC Comics has decided, with doubtful wisdom, to “update” Wonder Woman’s iconic costume.
The ravishing, muscular, raven-haired beauty brandishing bracelets of steel will no longer be (barely) clad in her familiar red and gold bustier and star-spangled short shorts.
She has been reduced to a mere mortal in (yawn) full-length black leggings.
Leggings? Since when did super heroes start wearing leggings? Pair those with her new black leather jacket and she looks more like a baby-faced motorcycle mama wannabe.
Gone are her ebony curls waving in the wind. Replaced with lanky locks that hang limply around her too-sweet, too-young face.
She reminds me more of a Speed Racer character than the Wonder Woman I grew up with. Gone are her red knee-high boots which have been replaced with booties.
Booties? How is a super hero going to kick butt wearing a pair of booties?
Gone is her gold-plated bustier, the object of many a young man’s dreams. Only to be replaced by a (yawn) t-shirt.
What’s next? A berka?
Super heroes are supposed to be sexy; that’s part of their appeal. It’s what makes them stand out from the crowd. Their spectacular good looks, muscular bodies dressed in skin-tight costumes that don’t get in the way when they are fighting off dastardly foes are a huge part of their persona.
Superman is sexy in his blue tights and flowing red cape, as is Batman in his mask and, again, tights and flowing cape. You won’t see either one sporting a pair of leggings!
With these changes, DC has done away with the Wonder Woman we have known and loved. There’s nothing to wonder about this woman.
And, if that’s not enough, DC Comics has even taken away Wonder Woman’s history.
No longer can she be proud of her Amazon heritage because they destroyed the island where she was raised by her mother and sisters. Geez, is nothing sacred?
I am not afraid of change, indeed, I welcome it and the new opportunities it brings.
But, some things don’t need to be changed. Some things are fine just the way they are.
And Wonder Woman was pretty fine just the way she was.

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