Placing Legal Notices in Okla. Counties

Legal notices for intention to apply for an Alcoholic Beverage License should be published:

  • in a legal newspaper qualified to publish legal notices
  • in the same county as the business premises for which the license application is filed
  • two times - once per week in successive weeks

»  Download a MAP and LIST (organized by county)

of legal newspapers

»  OPA Newspaper Directory

Provides each member newspaper's city, county, contact information including emails, phone numbers, etc. in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format. It's useful for sending press releases as well.
Download an order form. Cost: $50. Or you can find website links and phone numbers for most legal papers here on the OPA website.

»  Let the newspaper experts do the work for you!

If you need to place a legal notice in several papers, the Oklahoma Press Service can make your job a lot easier!  It will: 

  • create the notice for publication
  • schedule and distribute it to your selected papers
  • confirm publication and pay the papers
  • provide affidavits to you
  • and send you only one invoice to pay.

Easy as that! All for only a small fee. Let us make your work easier! Contact Cindy Shea or Landon Cobb at (405) 499-0020. This service is available for legal notices, display advertisements and more in Oklahoma and nationwide.

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