March 2017 Column Winner

Looks like she'll never get bored
Suzie Campbell, Countywide & Sun

Twelve years ago I received a phone call from my mom telling me about a job ad she saw in the local weekly paper. She was sure it was exactly what I was looking for. She read me the ad with the fax number. I sent in my resume and within minutes I received a phone call.
Gloria Trotter called me for an interview. She wanted me to come in right then. I was just finishing cleaning the Bethel Community Center. I was sweaty and grimy and tried to convince her to let me wait, but she was insistent. I conceded.
Before I got home that evening I had a new part time job. By August I was working full time. I had a habit of pouring myself into whatever job I had, devouring all the knowledge I could until I was either bored or burned out or both. This job was no different.
I started out learning how to work on a Mac instead of a PC. Then I began exploring new software and finally the do’s and don’ts to building ads. I wasn’t bored.
I got a wild hair and asked about writing a column. I was encouraged to do so, and I did. I won my first monthly column award from the Oklahoma Press Association.
They handed me a camera and sent me to grab a picture. Everyone in the office pitched in to help with whatever needed done, especially on billing day. I wasn’t bored.
The five-year mark came and went. I was now selling advertisements and negotiating contracts. I took care of our website and even helped a couple of places set up their initial website with the same company. Then I was asked to speak at a small group about our web host. I was scared and nervous but not bored.
We had a couple of really bad tornadoes and some flooding in the area. I took video and more photos. I attended sporting events and took more photos. Definitely not bored.
Ten years came and went. I took over tracking insertions and negotiating prices with agencies. I was sometimes frustrated, but again not bored.
I got signed up for a couple of the Oklahoma Press Association committees. I got involved in putting together a local community event. Gloria would comment every now and then that I should buy the paper. I was happy doing what I was doing. I didn’t want the headache and nope, I was still not bored.
I watched and listened and learned as Wayne and Gloria got closer and closer to finding a buyer. Wayne had to be out of the office for a while and I began handling the bookkeeping duties. Again, not bored.
Then Gloria told me they had received an offer. I was fi ne when it was just talk, but this was a real offer. They didn’t live here. They didn’t know how we did things. I knew the person who made the offer. I liked this person. But it scared me just the same.
What changes would they want to make? How would our community handle having an outsider own their local paper?
I left to pick up lunch and made a quick call to my hubby and a couple of other family members. They were all very supportive and for the most part wondered “what took you so long” to decide.
Who’d have thought twelve years ago an interview that breaks all the rules for presenting yourself at your best would be the interview that landed me in my perfect job which has turned into an opportunity that I never dreamed of? I might get scared. I might get nervous. I might get emotional every now and then but I don’t see me ever getting bored.

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