May 2008

Weekly Winner
Oologah Lake Leader

Dispatch issue takes center stage
by John M. Wylie II

The Oologah Lake Leader has been crusading for a true central enhanced 911-dispatch system to serve all emergency service agencies. For the past few months the Leader has been devoted to revealing an Oklahoma ambulance service’s hidden links to an Illinois company that faces a 24-count federal felony indictment in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois for mail fraud, health care fraud and failing to remit many years of withholding taxes from the IRS, among other things. The Leader’s investigation aided in the revelation of corruption within the agencies that forced the Oklahoma company to answer on the record.

Daily Winner
The Norman Transcript
Pa'y'in at the Pump
a Norman Staff Effort

With high gasoline and diesel prices impacting just about every aspect of life, The Transcript launched a seven-day series titled “Pa‘y’in at the Pump.” The series included a news story about a working mother driving several hundred miles a week as part of her job, photos, tips to conserve fuel, Web blogs, info graphics, editorials, sidebar stories and a reader poll. Also included was a tutorial on where gas comes from, how international affairs affect gas prices, and how the Oklahoma gas station competition has held the state’s prices lower than in other states. The series also covered how high prices effect schools and government entities, such as police stations, fire stations and other public service agencies, as well as future predictions of what will happen to the petroleum market. The extensive coverage enabled readers to delve into issues that impact all consumers. “What’s next?” was a headline that navigated readers through future prospects of alternative fuel, such as biopetroleum, or using electric, hydrogen, and hybrid cars. Reader interest was strong, wrote Norman Transcript Managing Editor Andy Rieger.