Sample Legal Notices

Tabular Line Pricing for Multiple Columns

The number of tabular lines should be multiplied by the number of columns.

For example, 5 tabular lines x 2 columns x 70¢ per tabular line = $7.00 for the first insertion;

5 tabular lines x 2 columns x 65¢ per tabular line = $6.50 for subsequent insertions.

Map Pricing

The space occupied by the map should be calculated as tabular lines. The number of tabular lines per inch depends on your paper’s type size and leading. Measure the number of lines per inch in a text notice printed in your paper. Most legal sections print between 8 and 12 lines per inch.

Measure the map after it is printed to determine its height in inches. Multiply the height by your paper’s lines per inch to determine the number of tabular lines occupied by the map, then multiply it by the number of columns and the legal rate per tabular line.

(Map’s height in inches) x (# lines per inch) x (# Columns) x (Legal rate per tabular line)

Notice of Intention to Apply for Alcoholic Beverage License

Shall be published:

  • Two (2) times
  • Eight (8) days apart in successive weeks for daily newspapers; seven (7) days apart in successive weeks for weekly newspapers
  • In an area of at least two (2) column inches in height or width
  • In a different format than a regular legal notice (i.e., a border, two columns, etc.). The newspaper can charge for any additional formatting.

(See 37 O.S. §§ 506 (13), 522)

Column Widths

Oklahoma newspapers use many different column widths when publishing legal notices.

Widths range from 6 to 12 picas with the majority of the state's papers using a column width of 10 picas as indicated in the table below.

Number of newspapers Column Width in Picas
14 6
9 7
31 8
8 9
80 10
11 11
32 12

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