September 2015 Column Winner

Sometimes changes are for the best

Tracie Macy, The Hennessey Clipper

I remember sitting on the porch steps waiting on my husband, James, to come home.
I had news to tell him.
News that would change our lives forever.
I had just taken a pregnancy test, and the results were positive.
My children, Kaleb and Kinsey, were 17 and 13. Old enough that they could take care of themselves, and didn’t need me every minute of the day.
I was unsure how to feel about being pregnant, and tied down taking care of a new baby. It would be a total life style change.
I was used to hanging out with my friends almost every night and with no little ones at home, we could go do anything at a moment’s notice.
Things didn’t change much at first.
My friends were excited for me, and we kept hanging out. I couldn’t drink what they were drinking, which was fine with me. It was giving up smoking that was hard.
But as time went on, I noticed little things, like how my friends weren’t quite as funny when they were drinking and I wasn’t. In fact, some were quite annoying.
Then the baby came.
He was so sweet to look at. A little miracle, a little boy we named Cash.
Several of the friends I have now came to the hospital to see the baby. Some came a few days later after we came home. And some, well, they never came and never called.
It broke my heart.
I guess I’d been a friend of convenience.
Then when Cash was about two-years-old, my daughter said to me, “It sure is nice having you home.”
It was at that moment that I felt like a failure as a parent.
She was right. I was never home before I’d gotten pregnant with Cash. I was always out with my friends, but where I should have been was at home with my kids.
That’s when I realized that Cash was a miracle sent from God to get my Life in order.
Friends can come and go but family, that’s forever.
I realized that those friends didn’t go anywhere. It was me who had changed. It was me who had left them.
Sitting on the porch step that day, waiting on James to come home, I knew my life would change.
It changed for the better.

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