July 2017 Column Winner

Collusion confusion, is it real or mere illusion?
Jeff Mullin, Enid News & Eagle

Collusion. It’s a word causing confusion, providing an intrusion, dominating the news to the exclusion of nearly everything else.
Is it truly collusion or a mere illusion, the president’s people meeting with Russians to dig up dirt on a political foe with a profusion of political baggage?
Collusion? The president’s detractors think it a foregone conclusion, a case of circumclusion, of the White House being wrapped in a cloak of abject abusion.
But the president’s fans say any charge of collusion is pure delusion, an attempt at liberal leftist elusion. The president’s men and women have come to the conclusion he is a saint, as pure as if he were a Carthusian who had undergone redemptive affusion.
Collusion. Should we care, do we dare risk abstrusion or obtusion by expressing our dismay at the way the press is bleeding this story nearly to the point of causing occlusion, hampering perfusion and requiring a transfusion resulting in refusion?
Or are we correct to question the wisdom of an administration so quick to seek interfusion with representatives of an enemy power, seemingly so eager to risk giving our nation a coronary occlusion or a political pop in the mouth resulting in a bad case of democratic distoclusion or retrusion?
If it was, indeed, collusion, shouldn’t we resent Russian intrusion, shouldn’t we fear meddling by these gaikokujin may be a mere prolusion to something potentially far more sinister?
Any allusion to collusion gives our system’s reputation as a free and open democracy a contusion. Or is this a mere attempt at defusion?
The whole thing is positively malthusian, a protrusion on the smooth road of democracy, all the circumfusion and disillusion is becoming more than enough to make a sane person seek seclusion, to desire immediate ablution. It’s enough to drive anyone to reclusion, to seek to become a Venusian.
If there was collusion what will be the solution? Will there be prosecution, persecution, absolution, retribution, restitution? Will someone suggest revolution? Is it a threat to our Constitution?
Truly it seems collusion confusion is not an illusion, it is a problem that needs to be brought to a swift resolution, to determine blame’s distribution, to give the facts proper attribution. Its effects don’t deserve diminution but instead should be stated with clear elocution.
In conclusion I apologize for this exercise in circumlocution, it was not my goal to disillusion, but to merely make a contribution and hopefully hasten a resolution.

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