"They Cried on the Trail"

Oklahoma Newspaper Foundation is pleased to provide a new serial story to OPA members. “They Cried on the Trail” is an eight-week chapter story for young readers that follows two Cherokee Indian children as they journey to Oklahoma on what would become the Trail of Tears. The historical fiction series was written by Carolyn Estes of the Oologah Lake Leader. This story will entice readers of all ages, and they will anticipate reading the next chapter each week.

All eight chapters are available below to download. A press release and promotional ads are also available if you want to introduce your readers to the story when the first chapter is published. You may begin publishing the story at any time. You can start this week, next week or in the fall after school starts. Just maintain a consistent schedule for your readers by publishing one chapter per week.

You’re also welcome to recruit a local advertiser to sponsor the story. Simply place the advertiser’s information at the bottom of the chapter with your newspaper’s logo. All we ask is that the advertiser’s business not be inappropriate for children (i.e. liquor store).

The quarter-page features, which include artwork, are available in camera-ready PDF format in four sizes to fit your paper. The first chapter is a bit longer, so it is slightly wider than a quarter-page. If you have trouble downloading the PDFs, please contact OPA Creative Services at 405-499-0020 or 1-888-815-2672.

We hope your readers enjoy this latest serial story from ONF. If you have questions, please contact me at (405) 499-0026 or 1-888-815-2672, or e-mail Lpotts@okpress.com.

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