Interactive Web Advertising

As the Web becomes an important, effective partner in the delivery of print news, community newspapers across Oklahoma are serving current readers and garnering new ones with professional, content-driven websites. An interactive advertising campaign offers you a unique, cost-effective opportunity for thousands of Oklahomans to interact with you directly while they enjoy their local newspaper online.

Targeted, professionally produced interactive advertisements prominently displayed on your newspaper’s Website can generate leads, phone calls or even direct sales to you. With detailed tracking and traffic reports, you’ll be able to judge response, ad effectiveness and reader trends.

Oklahoma Press Service has answers to questions you have about setting up an interactive advertising campaign. Account executives at OPS will show you the benefits of advertising with our members, and provide you with the facts you need to make an informed decision.

While you’re on the phone, ask them about print advertising our members’ newspapers. You can place an ad with one, 10 or all of our member newspapers, reaching a vast audience of Oklahomans.

Call us today about professional-looking, cost-effective, content-driven advertising on the Web or in print.  Delivering your message to Oklahomans has never been simpler or more powerful.

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